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The best business phone systems in
New Jersey are the state-of- the-art new systems from Vonage, Nextiva and 8×8.

New Jersey’s Smartest Companies Have Business Phone Systems from Vonage, Nextiva and 8×8

Business Phone Systems Are Our Business

Throughout New Jersey, we have helped small and medium businesses grow their enterprises with state-of-the-art business phone systems. By listening carefully to your needs, and by taking the time to learn how your business works, we can help put in place a world-class VOIP phone system that integrates your phones, cellphones, fax machines, email, and CRM. As an owner or manager, your business phone system will help you keep track of what your employees are doing, make sure that ever lead is being handled, ensure proper client handling, and manage your data all in one place. The possibilities are truly endless, particularly on the business development side. These systems can load prospect information on the screen in the time it takes your salespeople to answer their phones, getting them ready to make the most of the opportunity.

Business Phone Systems from Vonage

All three leading VOIP business phone systems available in New Jersey offer the functionality you would expect from a traditional, expense PBX system – the giant switchboard in the closet – and more. CRM integration, the ability to include a wide variety of communications devices as extensions in your system, and an unprecedented suite of call monitoring functions are all available. What sets Vonage Business apart is that the company started out in the cutthroat residential VOIP market, and they bring that price competitiveness to the small business phone system market. If your business makes a large number of international calls, you may be particularly interested in Vonage Business, and this is a particular strength of their network. Overall, Vonage Business is considered the “bargain” of the small business phone system space.

Business Phone Systems from Nextiva

Nextiva is a business phone system that represents the benchmark for Unified Communications (UC). A pioneer in the integration of external and internal company 3 communications, Nextiva’s NextOS software puts real-time information in front of managers in a useable and understandable format. As a business phone system built from the ground up for the needs of small businesses, you can expect all the features a business needs to grow their operations, and their revenue. Nextiva offers three different pricing packages, so you get the business phone system you need, and don’t have to pay for features you won’t be using. Even the least expensive package is filled with useful features that will make running your business easier, and growing your business almost automatic. The convenience and power of the Nextiva platform will make reaching your company goals a breeze.

Business Phone Systems from 8×8

The oldest of the three leading VOIP business phone systems  available in New Jersey, 8×8 offers a powerful Unified Communications (UC) platform that can scale with your business even to Fortune 500 scale. While already leading its competitors in patents and features, 8×8’s aggressive strategy of acquisitions within the business communications space has left it with an impressive roster of business-friendly features, including many which go far beyond replacing the traditional business PBX. Traditionally one of the highest-rated VOIP business phone systems, 8×8 receives a 4-1/2 star “Excellent” rating from PC Magazine, and for good reason. This robust systems integrates with countless plug-ins, enabling the platform to do almost anything you could imagine it could do. Moreover, their customized pricing means you will never pay for features you don’t need.

Serving New Jersey Businesses for 30 Years

At Business Cost Reductions, we know business phone systems. In today’s competitive business climate, if you’re company isn’t growing, it’s dying. Put our expertise to work turning your entire staff into a powerful source of revenue growth. A phone system today does more than communication to the outside world; it facilitates internal communications and helps you monitor your staff’s productivity. Not just your salesforce, but your whole team can be turned into a revenue stream using the integration technology that a truly advanced VOIP system can bring to bear. Onscreen prompts, CRM integration and pipeline monitoring technology all will help grow your business. By helping your staff communicate internally, a state-of-the-art VOIP business phone system will increase productivity, while your ability to monitor employee communications and work output will make you a better manager.
A smart business phone system does more than save you money. It helps you grow your business by helping you make the most of every opportunity. By integrating your business phone systems with your CRM, you will gain more control over your sales pipeline and your customer handling than you’ve ever had before. Let us show you how.

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Supporting business phone systems in New Jersey used to be just about getting the hardware to work. Today it’s all about finding ways to use the latest telephony technology to grow your business, and that is exactly our focus. Truly, your success is our success. Studies show that a smart business phone system is a critical competitive advantage:

Bill was able to save us tens of thousands of dollars on our phone bill, not just going forward, but with this audits, for the last two years.
M. Alvin

We’re now able to monitor what our agents are doing, how they spend their time, and what they’re saying to our clients. BCR was a real game-changer for us.
R. Leslie

Business Phone Systems in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware

Let us turn your business phone system into a competitive advantage for your business, anywhere in New Jersey, Pennsylvania or Delaware. We would love to discuss how an advanced VOIP phone systems from Vonage, Nextiva and 8×8 can help grow your business.

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